Curu Wildlife Reserve and Tortuga Islands in Costa Rica
Tours and Activities

We invest about 40% of our incomes in projects that help the environment.

Curu Wildlife Reserve 



Turismo Curu is located right on the beach at Curu Bay, by the park ranger`s administration area. From here we offer guided horseback and hiking tours.

You can also explore the coastline of Paquera, a rural town full of  secluded tropical white sand beaches and tropical dry forest, including  the Reserve and the Tortuga Islands, 3 miles off Curú Bay.






The Curu Wildlife Refuge is said to offer the best wildlife watching on the Nicoya Peninsula. At the ranger station and our tours headquarters you always see groups of capuchin monkeys. Howler monkeys are common sightings too, as well as deer, coatis, crabs, even river otters and red squirels. Local people are kind and nice, thats why all of our staff are local´s





A large part of the natural wonders of Curu is found underwater. On a tour to Tortuga Island you can go  snorkeling at one of the best snorkeling and swimming sites of the Costa Rican Pacific Coast and see King Angel Fish, Damsel Fish and Cortez Angel Fish, among others. Or you can also go scuba diving.

In any case don't forget to bring your swimsuit when you visit Curu, Curu Bay boasts one of the most beautiful beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula.


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